Navigating Google Earth 3d Maps

Using the Navigation Control

Google Earth is a 3d model of the physical landscape. It allows you to navigate 360 degrees around mountains, altering the direction of tilt so you get a really good feel for their true shape.

You can use the navigation bar on the upper right hand side of the map to find your way around the landscape. It is made up of a Direction Ring, a Look Joystick, a Move Joystick, and a Zoom Slider.

The direction ring is the outer ring at the top of the screen. This control allows you to change the direction that you are facing without moving from the spot (like turning you head to look in a particular direction). Click and drag the ring to rotate, and click N to reset your direction to North.

The Look joystick also rotates the direction of view horizontally. It also enables you to tilt the angle of view vertically up and down.

The move joystick enables you to move across the map in any direction - forwards, backwards, left and right (in relation to the direction that you are currently facing).

The Zoom slider simply enables you to zoom in and out. When zooming out, the angle of tilt also changes so that you are looking down vertically at 90 degrees. It is a good way to gain height quickly (useful when you want to move over a range of fells to a neighbouring valley, or if you get stuck in the side of a hill at ground level and have trouble moving).