The Easedale Fells

Easedale Tarn, Sour Milk Gill, and Tarn Crag

The fells of Easedale rise up to the north and west of the Vale of Grasmere. Easedale itself is a lush area of green farmland fields where a number of mountain streams meet to form the beautiful Easedale Beck, which soon joins with the River Rothay just north of Grasmere village.

Tarn Crag Ridge

Tarn Crag seen from Easedale

Tarn Crag

Tarn Crag seen across Easedale Tarn

In the upper part of the valley is Easedale Tarn, a flat sheet of water below the arc of Tarn Crag which towers impressively above. Tarn Crag is joined by a fascinating ridge which which drops down to Far Easedale on the other side. Walkers who visit Easedale Tarn can enjoy a scenic path beside the thunderous Sour Milk Gill which pours white water down the steep slopes of the rocky riverbed when in full force.

Easedale Tarn

Looking down on Easedale Tarn from the summit of Tarn Crag

Blea Rigg and Sergeant Man

Blea Rigg

Blea Rigg

Above Easedale Tarn to the south and west, there is the ridge of Blea Rigg above the rock walls of Blea and Eagle crag. This ridge rises steeply as it travels west, passing above a high shelf containing Codale Tarn to north, and eventually reaching the coned peak of Sergeant Man.

codale Tarn

Looking across Codale Tarn from the summit of Tarn Crag. Pavey Ark and the Langdale Pikes can also be seen on the other side of the ridge.

Helm Crag, Gibson Knott, and Calf Crag

Helm Crag

Looking down on Helm Crag from the summit of Tarn Crag

On the northern side of Far Easedale is a third ridge. This starts at Helms Crag, and goes west passing Gibson Knott before reaching Calf Crag. After Calf Crag the ridge disappears as the valleys on both sides rise to a higher level. There is an interesting route from here that goes up in a south westerly direction to the summit of Sergeant Man.

Calf Crag

View of Calf Crag with the Helvellyn range back right.

High Raise and High White Stones

Across High Raise to Great Gable

Looking across the slopes of High Raise with Great Gable in the distance.

Beyond Sergeant Man to the north west, the ground levels out somewhat and there is a gentle gradient of curving moorland across to the summit of High Raise and High White Stones. This is regarded by many as the most central Lake District height, and offers a spectacular panoramic view of many of the Lakeland Fells in the national park.

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